Nadège is a Nielsen Norman Group certified UX researcher with a cultural linguistic anthropology degree based in NYC.

My anthropology degree informs my data collection and analysis by basing it on a holistic, immersive, localized, and qualitative forward research framework. With my anthropological training in ethnographies and research methods, particularly, participant observations, I can perform contextual inquiries, conduct user interviews, utilize my understanding of cultural relativity, and can analyze outcomes to help support product development in all of my UX research projects.
Using AI to gather insights for multiple client research reports
Data Analysis
Compiled quantitative data analysis and audience insights into daily, monthly, and quarterly reports for executives and shareholders at Fortune 100 & 500 companies.
Increasing audience rates on C-suite learnings
User Interviews / Usability Testing
As the UX Researcher, I gained insights on podcast interaction behavior and usability pain points.
Increasing customer satisfaction by reducing wait times
Service Optimization
As the manager of a massage studio, I was tasked with increasing client satisfaction and bookings.
Increasing Survey Completion
Survey Design
As the sole proprietor of my business, I redesigned my patient intake form.
Research Methodologies
Context Methods
Diary Studies
Contextual Inquiry
Field Studies​​​​​​​
Participant Observation
Cultural Probes
User Interviews
Usability Testing
Data analysis
Journey maps
Anthropological advantage for UX research
Meaning through a process of discovery
Grounding research within context
Emphasizing qualitative data
Inductive approaches ​​​​​​​
Using the methodological tools of tolerance and relativism
Seeking connections and patterns to gain holistic understandings
Focusing on sustainable solutions
Utilizing a bottom-up approach to understanding
Working with the intent to openly listen and learn while not influencing people's thoughts
Attempting to minimize any biases I hold
Coming into a project with fresh perspectives by not being constrained by hypothesizes or assumptions
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