Increasing customer satisfaction by reducing wait times
Chill Chicago was a meditation and massage studio that served as a calming center for working professionals and busy locals in the River North neighborhood of Chicago. It now functions as Chill Anywhere
The massage slots were specially curated to fit within people's work schedules, the times ranged from 20 minutes to 90 minutes, and were fully clothed so clients could easily pop in and out. Finding the balance of musculoskeletal relief, tranquil escape, and timeliness for clients were the main priorities of our massage client services.
Massage Manager
Increasing client satisfaction and booking rates
Bookings were not running on schedule
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As a manager I monitored the arrival times of both walk-in and scheduled clients, noting their transition time to the massage area. I observed staff methods for the check-in process.
In my role as massage therapist, I experienced discrepancy in scheduling accessibility between the front desk computers and the lack of informative interfaces in the massage staff area. 
I conducted interviews with massage therapist staff and front-of-desk staff. Below is an example of my interview questions and probes:
I analyzed research findings to uncover patterns and pain points. I recognized a pattern of breaks in communication between front-of-desk staff awareness of clients' check-in and the visibility of this information for the massage therapist staff. Additionally, I identified staff pain points from the challenges of client turn over times, sessions were scheduled to begin and end at the same time.
1. CRM update
Instead of the massage times in the MindBody scheduler showing exact times, buffers needed to be added-in to account for turnover time. For example, a 20 minute massage is actually a 22 minute massage when proper cleaning protocols are followed.
2. Tablet in massage room
Massage staff needed a tablet in their massage room to be notified in real-time when a client books a session with them.
3. Process change
Protocols needed to change to fine tune the client walk-in experience.
before and after
Convince Stakeholders
I was able to thoroughly answer stakeholders' questions regarding issues of massage booking times by pointing out multiple pain points in the staff and client journeys. I had pushback from some stakeholders who were concerned the CRM update would lead to less bookings because of the increase in massage times. We had a constructive meeting where I relayed the fact that all of our massages were longer in reality than the designated time because we follow proper cleaning protocols. Therefore as a company we needed to ask ourselves if we wanted to be honest about massage times or continue to run late. I also advocated for change because I knew fixing these pain points would create more of a calming space which was our studios main value, and the stakeholders agreed.
Stakeholders invested in my solutions because I was able to back them up with my qualitative analysis.
After implementing all of my solutions, we saw a more seamless flow of the client and staff journeys and were no longer running behind booking schedules. This increased our client satisfaction and massage sales, by decreasing wait times and upholding our company principles that promised fast service and a calming environment. My solutions also improved our staff's experiences which helped create a positive work environment to help foster company growth.
When I was a massage manager, I wore many hats—I was part researcher, product manager, product designer, and I also was an implementor of solutions. I will be able to use these experiences as a UX researcher to hand off potential solutions as recommendations for designers, PM's, and developers to consider.
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