Increasing survey completion
As the sole proprietor of my own massage business, the continuation of building my client base was a main objective. It was important to begin my client relationships with an intake form so I could clearly understand their massage expectations and goals.
Business Owner
Increase clarity of clients' goals/expectations in order to increase client satisfaction and stimulate business growth
Clients were not completing intake forms before session start times
Observed and listened
I noticed many clients would not fill out their intake forms before the session start times. I would hand them the intake forms 15 minutes before our session start time, and the clients would hastily fill them out skipping large sections entirely. Many clients expressed their eagerness to begin the session.
During the massage treatments, some clients would inform me of areas they did not want worked on, as well as chronic or acute issues that I should be informed of before session start times. 
When clients did fill out the form, it was time-consuming for me to thoroughly go through the forms. I also found the forms had too much information and at the same time lacked some pertinent questions.
The standard massage intake forms did not fit my clientele's needs, most clients didn’t plan on showing up 15 minutes early, which rushed the beginning of our sessions. The forms were not time efficient for my sessions, especially since they needed to be filled out by hand in person and then subsequently reviewed by me. 
Updated intake form
I recognized the need to streamline my intake forms and curate them toward my clients' needs. I created a Google Form that I could email my clients a day before their session that paired well with the reminder email I was already sending out. I only asked for the information that I observed to be the most helpful during my research phase. For accessibility reasons, I also had printouts of the new form for my clients as well.
I saw a significant increase in intake form completion. For those who still filled out the form in person, the completion time was greatly decreased. Due to the condensed format, clients were able to quickly and accurately complete the form and I could analyze them in a timely and efficient manner.
The new streamlined client intake form increased my overall customer satisfaction, which assisted me in client retention and increased their referrals.
This successful redesign led me to lean into the convenience of online forms and I expanded on them by also creating client progress forms and client feedback forms. This continuous product/service discovery helped me expand and refine my business operations. 
Client feedback form
Although most intake forms include the referral sections, I found it convoluted my intake form goals. It worked best for my business in the feedback form because it served as a good primer for the following open-ended question.
Client progress form
I prioritized open-ended questions and attempted to not create any leading questions. I found that this provided me with the most accurate feedback from my clients.
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